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‘Quando você estuda e não tem resultados, quando você medita e não tem resultados, quando você reza e não tem resultados, faça uma peregrinação’.

– Antigo provérbio budista

Existem três formas de bênção: um ser pode abençoar outro ser, um ser pode abençoar um lugar e um lugar pode abençoar um ser. Quando entramos em contato com um lugar sagrado, nosso corpo e mente são abençoados e isso nos ajuda a nos transformarmos.

Depois de 12 anos, nós finalmente conseguimos as permissões para concluir a construção do Centro e o primeiro passo é finalizar a construção do Templo do Céu na Terra, nosso lugar sagrado. Ele incluirá uma biblioteca Budista, o Planetário da Sabedoria, o museu da Cultura de Paz, o gompa do Protetor da Paz, a sala de meditação de Tara, uma área de yoga, um local de reunião e acomodações para Lamas.

Juntos, com a ajuda de todos, podemos fazer com que isso aconteça e completar a construção até o final do ano de 2019.

Pedimos o apoio de todos para tonar esse sonho realidade.

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‘Quando studi e non hai risultati, quando mediti e non hai risultati, quando preghi e non hai risultati, parti per un pellegrinaggio’

Antico proverbio buddhista

Ci sono tre tipi di benedizioni: un essere benedice un altro essere, un essere benedice un posto e un posto benedice un essere. Entrando in contatto con esso, un luogo sacro benedice i nostri corpo e mente, aiutandoci a trasformarci.

Dopo dodici anni di lavori e adempimenti burocratici, abbiamo finalmente ottenuto i permessi per concludere la costruzione del Centro. Il primo passo è completare il Tempio del Cielo sulla Terra, il nostro luogo sacro. Esso includerà una biblioteca buddhista, il museo della Cultura della Pace, il gompa del Protettore della pace nel mondo, la sala di Tara, un’area yoga dedicata alle attività fisiche come il trulkor yoga, il qigong ecc…, una sala riunioni e alloggi per i Lama e alcuni maestri ospiti.

Con l’aiuto di tutti, possiamo far diventare questo progetto una realtà e completare la costruzione entro la fine del 2021.

Chiediamo il supporto da parte di tutti affinché si realizzi il completamento del progetto..

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‘Wanneer we studeren en geen resultaat ervaren, wanneer we mediteren en geen resultaat ervaren of na verzoekgebeden geen resultaat ervaren, maak dan een Pelgrimstocht’

Oud Boeddhistisch gezegde

Dit project omvat een; Bibliotheek met zeer oude en recente boeddhistische teksten en boeken, Wijsheidplanetarium, Vrede Cultuur-museum, Vrede Beschermer gompa -gebedsruimte, Tara meditatieruimte, yogaruimte, ontmoetingsplaats en accommodatie voor Lama’s.

Samen met de hulp van iedereen zijn we in staat dit alles te realiseren en het project te voltooien tegen het einde van het jaar 2019.

We vragen de steun van iedereen om deze droomwens van Lama Gangchen Rinpoche waar te maken.

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‘When you study and have no results, when you meditate and have no results, when you pray and have no results, go for pilgrimage.’

Old Buddhist proverb

There are three ways of blessing: one being can bless another being, a being can bless a place and a place can bless a being. By coming into contact with it, a holy place blesses our body and mind, helping to transform us.

After 12 years we finally received the permits to conclude the construction of the Centre and the first step is to finalize the Temple of Heaven on Earth, our holy place. This will include a Buddhist library, the Wisdom Planetarium, the Peace Culture museum, the Peace Protector gompa, the meditation hall of Tara, the House of Kechara meditation hall, a yoga area, a meeting room and accommodation for Lamas.

Together with the help of everyone, we can make it happen and complete the construction.

We ask the support of everyone to make this dream come true.

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A message from Lama Michel Rinpoche

fulfilling Rinpoche’s dream


‘Wenn du studierst und keine Ergebnisse erzielst, wenn du meditierst und keine Ergebnisse erzielst, wenn du betest und keine Ergebnisse erzielst, geh dann auf Pilgerreise.’

Altes buddhistisches Sprichwort

Es gibt drei Arten des Segens: Eine Person kann eine andere Person segnen, eine Person kann einen Ort segnen und ein Ort kann eine Person segnen. Durch den Kontakt mit einem heiligen Ort segnet dieser Körper und Geist und hilft uns dabei, uns zu verwandeln.

Nach 12 Jahren haben wir endlich die Genehmigung erhalten, den Bau des Zentrums abzuschließen. Der erste Schritt dieses Projektes ist die Fertigstellung des ‘Tempel des Himmels auf Erden’, unserem heiligen Ort in Italien. Dazu gehören eine buddhistische Bibliothek, das Planetarium der Weisheit, das Friedenskultur Museum, die Friedensbeschützer Gompa, die Meditationshalle von Tara, die Meditationshalle des Hauses von Kechara, ein Yoga-Bereich, ein Tagungsraum und Unterkünfte für Lamas.

Gemeinsam mit der Hilfe aller können wir dies realisieren und den Bau bis Ende des Jahres 2019 abschließen.

Wir bitten um die Unterstützung aller, diesen Traum von Lama Gangchen Rinpoche zu verwirklichen

How it all started

When Lama Gangchen Rinpoche came from Tibet to India, he made a commitment to help others by sharing the Dharma in accordance with his own lineage and tradition. His intention was – and still is – to promote world peace through the development of inner peace.

Throughout the years that followed – particularly in the 70s – he had visions that, in order to share the Dharma, he should settle down in a place surrounded by five mountains in the back and a lake in the front. At that time there was no plan to go to the West so he looked for such place in India and Nepal. At the beginning of the 80s, Rinpoche finally arrived in Europe and started adapting the teachings and the practice to our modern society. His intention was to share with us the tools to heal oneself and others as a path to enlightenment. He found in this modern society a fertile ground for planting and watering the seeds of enlightenment and keeping his own lineage alive for the benefit of all.

And so, since then he has dedicated his life to us. He constantly sought out that place with a lake in the front and mountains behind to establish his activities.

In 1999, after starting to rebuild his monastery in Tibet, in the very same month of January, one of his disciples and friend Patrizia found a place with five mountains and a lake in Italy, near Switzerland – exactly as Rinpoche had requested her. This place was called Albagnano. Patrizia called Rinpoche in Tibet to share the news. The land in Albagnano was seen as a twin of the Gangchen monastery and was therefore called Gangchen Choepel Ling. Once Rinpoche fulfilled his responsibility from his previous life towards his monastery in Tibet by rebuilding it, the doors to accomplish the mission of this life in the modern world opened up.

At the time, with the help of kind friends, he settled in Albagnano, where he has since been living. Here are also located the operational Headquarters of the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation, a United Nations-affiliated NGO with ECOSOC consultative status. Rinpoche has been investing his energy to transform this place in nature not only into a pure environment, but also in a holy place for pilgrimage, healing, spiritual practice and study. A center for learning, comprehending and meditating, where the Dharma can be taught, the practice can be done and by that, the lineage kept alive.

A lineage is kept alive when there are people that, by following the teachings through an uninterrupted transmission, put them into practice and gain the realizations. In order for that to happen, we must share the teachings, comprehend them and meditate.

Rinpoche has been giving us the greatest of all gifts: the pathway to liberate ourselves from the sufferings of samsara and to help others by reaching the ultimate state of Buddhahood. In other words, he has taught us that developing inner peace is the only way to reach world peace. As Rinpoche himself says ‘inner peace is the most solid foundation for world peace’.

To achieve this, we need centers for study, comprehension, meditation and healing where we can have all the necessary conditions to cultivate our qualities and reach a deeper state of inner peace. Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre was founded with this intention and a master plan was created for the healing of body and mind in a pure environment.

Rinpoche’s Wish

In order to fulfill these aims, Rinpoche envisioned a temple with meditation halls, a Buddhist library, a peace culture museum and a Wisdom Planetarium. In addition, he planned rooms for important visiting lamas and teachers,  a multipurpose conference hall and the necessary facilities to accommodate and welcome practitioners and guests from all over the world.

The Centre is meant to be a hub for anyone interested in a spiritual path, regardless of cultural and religious background.

Obtaining the permits

Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre – Gangchen Choepel Ling – is located in a pure environment neighbouring the natural reserve of the Sacred Mountain of Ghiffa and is minutes away from Italy’s biggest unspoilt park, the Val Grande National Park.

In order to achieve the goals of the Centre, in 2004 a formal request was submitted to the local Municipality of Bèe to modify  the municipal master plan and allow for the construction of the Temple and all the necessary facilities.

After 12 years of bureaucracy: architectural planning, proposals, meetings, negotiations and an environmental impact assessment, the master plan of Bèe was modified and integrated with a customised project (S.U.E. Lama Gangchen), recognising the area of the centre as being of social, cultural and religious purpose.

In December 2017, an agreement was eventually signed between the Fondazione Lama Gangchen per una Cultura di Pace (Lama Gangchen Peace Culture Foundation) and the Municipality, granting permission to renovate and rebuild the existing structures.

The complete project includes 2300 sq metres of new construction, which is divided between the Temple, new rooms for guests, and a multipurpose conference hall.

In addition, as with the completion of the project the local government foresees a considerable increase in visitors, they requested  the construction of a secure and accessible road connecting the village of Albagnano to the Centre.

Making it happen

To create the correct causes for the Swift Return of our precious Guru,  my wish is to complete the whole project for December 2021. 

I continue with my commitment to taking care of the realisation of Rinpoche’s dream, together with a team of architects, engineers and construction experts, but it will only be possible with the help of all the Sangha.

With that objective in mind, we are continuing with a new fundraising campaign to complete the project.

Lama Michel Rinpoche

The Temple

The Temple

The Temple of Heaven on Earth

The temple supports us on our path to enlightenment by providing the conditions to listen, comprehend and meditate.

The ground floor houses the main meditation and prayer hall that is open to everyone who wants to participate in pujas and ceremonies or just use the space for their own spiritual practice or to be in a peaceful environment.  This floor has  been  extended to include  a new entrance area with reception, toilets and a room for simultaneous translation.

On the first floor will be:

  • the Tara prayer hall dedicated mainly for Dharma teachings
  • an interactive museum dedicated to Peace Culture
  • a hall for the care of the body practices such as trulkhor, yoga and taichi.
  • a meeting room for lamas
  • accommodation for important masters and teachers visiting the Centre

On the mezzanine floor will be:

  • a meeting room
  • accommodation for important masters and teachers visiting the Centre
  • the caretaker’s room

The second floor includes:

  • a meditation hall for retreats
  • a Buddhist library, in memory of the kindness of H.H. the 10th Panchen Lama
  • the World Peace  Protector prayer hall


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How to contribute:

Thank you very much for the support you have already given. We have successfully completed the first phase of the Temple campaign.

For those who are still finishing their installments for the 2000 Buddha’s campaign please continue until the end of your installments. There will be a 2000 Buddhas altar with the name and dedications of all the supporters.

To continue to support the Temple campaign, please refer to the Completion Stage at: