30 Dec 2017

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‘When you study and have no results,

30 Dec 2017

‘When you study and have no results, when you meditate and have no results, when you pray and have no results, go for pilgrimage.’

Old Buddhist proverb

There are three ways of blessing: one being can bless another being, a being can bless a place and a place can bless a being. By coming into contact with it, a holy place blesses our body and mind, helping to transform us.

After 12 years we finally received the permits to conclude the construction of the Centre and the first step is to finalize the Temple of Heaven on Earth, our holy place. This will include a Buddhist library, the Wisdom Planetarium, the Peace Culture museum, the Peace Protector gompa, the meditation hall of Tara, the House of Kechara meditation hall, a yoga area, a meeting room and accommodation for Lamas.

Together with the help of everyone, we can make it happen and complete the construction.

We ask the support of everyone to make this dream come true.

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