30 Dec 2017

Making it happen

Rinpoche is extremely happy to have received

30 Dec 2017

Rinpoche is extremely happy to have received this long-awaited permit.

So with this wonderful news, and for his health and long life, it is time to act and make it happen.

My wish is to complete the whole project for the occasion of his 81st birthday, in July 2021. We only have four years ahead and we should now give priority to the temple.

We have started the construction of the temple in December 2018, with the goal of inaugurating the enlarged building before the end of 2019.

I commit myself to taking care of the realisation of this dream together with a team of architects, engineers and construction experts. But it will only be possible with the help of all of us together.

With that objective in mind, we have started the fundraising campaign.


Lama Michel Rinpoche

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