30 Dec 2017

Obtaining the permits

Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre – Gangchen Choepel

30 Dec 2017

Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre – Gangchen Choepel Ling – is located in a pure environment neighbouring the natural reserve of the Sacred Mountain of Ghiffa and is minutes away from Italy’s biggest unspoilt park, the Val Grande National Park.

In order to achieve the goals of the Centre, in 2004 a formal request was submitted to the local Municipality of Bèe to modify  the municipal master plan and allow for the construction of the Temple and all the necessary facilities.

After 12 years of bureaucracy: architectural planning, proposals, meetings, negotiations and an environmental impact assessment, the master plan of Bèe was modified and integrated with a customised project (S.U.E. Lama Gangchen), recognising the area of the centre as being of social, cultural and religious purpose.

In December 2017, an agreement was eventually signed between the Fondazione Lama Gangchen per una Cultura di Pace (Lama Gangchen Peace Culture Foundation) and the Municipality, granting permission to renovate and rebuild the existing structures.

The complete project includes 2300 sq metres of new construction, which is divided between the Temple, new rooms for guests, and a multipurpose conference hall.

In addition, as with the completion of the project the local government foresees a considerable increase in visitors, they requested  the construction of a secure and accessible road connecting the village of Albagnano to the Centre.

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